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[TWIN BUNDLE] Angka Prawn & Double Ocean Yoshihama Abalone

[TWIN BUNDLE] Angka Prawn & Double Ocean Yoshihama Abalone

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Angka Prawn Hoso 6/8 1 KG
comes in 1 KG per packet.

Angka prawns are known for their vibrant, reddish hue and are prized for their sweet and succulent meat. With a firm texture and rich flavor, these prawns are versatile in various culinary applications. Whether grilled, sautéed, or featured in seafood dishes, the distinctive color and taste of red body prawns contribute to a visually appealing and delicious dining experience.

 Double Ocean Yoshihama Abalone 425G
comes in nett weight 425G in can and drained weight 80g.
10 pieces in a can.

 Yoshihama braised abalone features tender abalone that has been slow-cooked in a flavorful broth, resulting in a delicate and rich taste. The braising process enhances the abalone's natural texture while infusing it with savory notes from the broth. Typically served with a reduction of the braising liquid, Yoshihama braised abalone offers a luxurious dining experience, highlighting the exquisite flavor and tenderness of this prized seafood.


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